48 years ago

Hey, everybody! Silicontips launched and from the time of idea to the time of MVP passed only 4 days. How can we do this? It’s easy. Let’s check on points:

  • Courage. Yes, it’s sound crazy, but many people afraid do something new. Don’t be a coward.
  • Clean understanding about “what is this”. The main pointwe understand what problem this service resolve.
  • Clean understanding about “what we need”. We found the idea and we understand how it should work logically: concept, product, tech, marketing.
  • MVP. The current version of site reach one of the main goals – users could add some tips and reviews and they can read another tip. It’s enough for the first step.
  • Short roadmap. We have only three stage in our product development roadmap. Design, HTML-coding and tech. integration. Hmm, what else?
  • No bureaucracy. One designer, and one programmer. It’s easy, right? And yes, all question was resolved in the live process and saved in product wiki.