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Hi to all! We have a great news – today we launched! From the time of this idea to MVP passed only 4 days. Really – the first prototype was completed after 2 hours and after next 2 hours we already have a visual design for our new site.

After 2 days, we developed a site with all functions and after 1 day we finished our tests (we hope no).

We want to say “thank you” to guys from DigitalOceanWordPress and FontAwesome – we couldn’t build our site without your help. Thank you!

We launched and we also added our site on our site (sorry for the recursion) and you can share your tips and ideas about our service. Welcome – SiliconBrains.

P.S. Of course, if you interested in how we develop this product for 4 days, you can read this post “Quick startup development“.


Hey, everybody! Silicontips launched and from the time of idea to the time of MVP passed only 4 days. How can we do this? It’s easy. Let’s check on points:

  • Courage. Yes, it’s sound crazy, but many people afraid do something new. Don’t be a coward.
  • Clean understanding about “what is this”. The main pointwe understand what problem this service resolve.
  • Clean understanding about “what we need”. We found the idea and we understand how it should work logically: concept, product, tech, marketing.
  • MVP. The current version of site reach one of the main goals – users could add some tips and reviews and they can read another tip. It’s enough for the first step.
  • Short roadmap. We have only three stage in our product development roadmap. Design, HTML-coding and tech. integration. Hmm, what else?
  • No bureaucracy. One designer, and one programmer. It’s easy, right? And yes, all question was resolved in the live process and saved in product wiki.